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IMS Rio closed for renovations starting March 27, 2023: in order to better receive visitors for exhibitions and events and expand the technical reserves of the collections, IMS Rio will stay closed for for about four years. During this period, our local programming will take place in partnership with other cultural institutions in Rio de Janeiro.

High up in the Gávea neighborhood and surrounded by the lush Floresta da Tijuca, the house where Walther Moreira Salles and his family used to live became in 1999 the headquarters of the Instituto Moreira Salles in Rio de Janeiro. IMS Rio offers exhibitions, film screenings, concerts and cultural events, and shelters the institution’s photography, music, literature and iconography collections. The house, planned by Olavo Redig de Campos with landscape design by Roberto Burle Marx, is a landmark of 1950s modern architecture and an attraction in itself.