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High up in the Gávea neighborhood and surrounded by the lush Floresta da Tijuca, the house where Walther Moreira Salles and his family used to live became in 1999 the headquarters of the Instituto Moreira Salles in Rio de Janeiro. IMS Rio offers exhibitions, film screenings, concerts and cultural events, and shelters the institution’s photography, music, literature and iconography collections. The house, planned by Olavo Redig de Campos with landscape design by Roberto Burle Marx, is a landmark of 1950s modern architecture and an attraction in itself.


Cartas a Alécio de Andrade


Lygia Clark. Paris, 1970 © Alécio de Andrade


Oct 20, 2018 - Mar 24, 2019


Patrícia Newcomer
Sergio Burgi

Info in Portuguese

Born in Rio de Janeiro, photographer Alécio de Andrade (1938-2003) did most of his work in Paris, where he lived since the early sixties. Throughout his career, Andrade maintained a constant dialogue with Brazilian intellectuals, and this tireless exchange is the theme of this exhibition, bringing together a set of the original letters and 45 portraits taken by the photographer. They depict writers, artists and other important Brazilian figures, including Carlos Drummond de Andrade, Fernando Sabino, Otto Lara Resende, Paulo Mendes Campos, Hélio Pellegrino, Vinicius de Moraes, Ferreira Gullar, Oscar Niemeyer, Glauber Rocha, Celso Furtado, Mario Pedrosa, and Lygia Clark.

Letizia Battaglia: Palermo


Judge Roberto Scarpinato and his bodyguards (Letizia Battaglia, 1998)


Sep 30, 2018 - Mar 24, 2019


Paolo Falcone

Info in Portuguese

Since 1971, when she began her career, Italian photographer Letizia Battaglia is intrinsically linked to the city of Palermo. She documented the conflicts thak took the city by storm in the 1970s and 1980s, during the most violent times of the "Mafia War". These intense images, often brutal, are among her best-knownworks. But Battaglia also documented life in poor neighborhoods, political movements, and the rising of a new society, creating images that became iconic. The exhibition brings together 58 of her photographs, videos, and archival material.

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Rua Marquês de São Vicente, 476 - Gávea

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Parking at IMS Rio is free. The parking ticket must be validated at the reception desk before exit.


Exhibitions and admission to the house is free. Tickets for the cinema can be purchased at the reception or online at (please check the calendar available online). For shows, courses and special events, tickets (also available through Eventbrite) or passes may be distributed separately. 

General information



IMS Rio aims to provide full access for all visitors. Signs have been provided for  persons with special needs and there are two elevators accessing the galleries.


The bookshop carries items designed for and related to IMS collections including books, catalogues, reviews and other periodicals, DVDs, posters, photographs, bags, and materials related to IMS events and exhibitions.


Bistro/bakery/deli Empório Jardim is open from 11am to 8pm.

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Free Wi-Fi is available.

IMS Rio does not allow film and photographic records using the building as location, and does not rent or offer its premises for any activities, events or projects by third parties.

Personal photography is permitted, without flash or other professional equipment. Taking pictures will not be allowed in some of the photography exhibitions due to copyright restrictions. Share your picture on Instagram using the #imsrio tag. 

Smoking, eating and drinking are prohibited in the galleries. Pets are not allowed. Guide dogs are welcome.

Parents or responsible adults and teachers must always accompany children during school and group visits. The IMS educators, guards and receptionists will alert the adults in charge when children are near dangerous spots or if their behavior is deemed inconvenient to other visitors.

By entering the premises of IMS Rio, visitors authorize the use of records of their image during visitation for archive, documentation, publicity and broadcasting purposes, as well as other unforeseen uses.