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Poços de Caldas, in the state of Minas Gerais, is home to the first Instituto Moreira Salles cultural center, opened in August 1992. IMS Poços is comprised of two buildings, a centennial cottage that houses the administration and a café, as well as a cultural center with over 1,000 sq. mts. of exhibition space, with a minimalist, modern design that stands out amidst the landscape for its white bulk and large stairway in the main façade.


Four Artists From São Paulo

Quatro artistas paulistas


Detail from a painting by Ana Calzavara


Apr 13 – Jun 23, 2019


Teodoro Stein Carvalho Dias

Working in distinct media, Ana Calzavara, Celina Yamauchi, Marcia Cymbalista and Marco Buti present their most recent works over at IMS Poços on this exhibition. Curated by Teodoro Stein Carvalho Dias, it is a development of a previous one called baixa (low) held by the artists at Galeria Virgílio, in São Paulo, on 2018.

Between paintings, engravings, drawings, photographs and videos, the work of these four artists “share similar poetic qualities and an appreciation for drawings, intimate creative processes, mostly focused on revealing subtleties rather than arousing stridencies”, according to the curator.

Chichico Alkmim, Photographer

Chichico Alkmim, fotógrafo


Multiple exposures on a single glass plate. Diamantina, MG, undated (Chichico Alkmim/IMS Collection)


Oct 27, 2018 – Jul 28, 2019


Eucanaã Ferraz

Info in Portuguese

Featuring over 200 pictures taken by the self-taught photographer from Diamantina, in the state of Minas Gerais, during the first half of the 20th century, the exhibition rounds up the different phases of a man who never limited his work to portraying the bourgeoisie. Alkmim photographed weddings, baptisms, funerals, popular and religious festivities, landscapes, street views and the locals, always with a unique sensibility.

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Rua Teresópolis, 90 – Jardim dos Estados
May also be referred to as Casa da Cultura de Poços de Caldas on street signs


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IMS Poços aims to provide full access for all visitors. There's an access ramp for all floors and signs have been provided for persons with special needs.


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