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The founding of GRANES Quilombo in December of 1975 would have far-reaching repercussions in the world of samba and beyond. In May of 1977, the renowned magazine José: Literatura, Crítica & Arte [José: Literature, Criticism & Art] published a long interview with Candeia. The following year, Escola de samba: árvore que esqueceu a raiz [Samba School: The Tree That Forgot Its Roots] hit the bookstores; in it, Quilombo’s founder systematized his ideas in partnership with researcher Isnard Araújo. During the 1978 carnival, Candeia, who would die in November, recorded the school’s most famous samba-enredo, “Ao povo em forma de arte” [To the People in the Form of Art], by Wilson Moreira and Nei Lopes.