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Which country is this?

The camera of Jorge Bodanzky during Brazil's military dictatorship (1964-1985)

The exhibition pays tribute to the career of filmmaker and photographer Jorge Bodanzky (b. 1942), focusing on his output during the Brazilian military dictatorship (1964-1985). The period encompasses his youthful photographic output, his experiments in super-8, his reports for German TV and some of his major feature films, such as Iracema (1974), Gitirana (1975), Os Mucker (1978), Jari (1979), Terceiro Milênio (1980) and Igreja dos Oprimidos (1985). With a lean team and abundant ideas, Bodanzky renewed Brazilian cinema by mixing documentary and fiction to address the social and political conflicts of a period when the mantle of development covered the country in violence and oppression. On the 60th anniversary of the military coup that silenced Brazil, Bodanzky's production is an urgent and fresh invitation to rethink the democratization of the country and the renewal of political cinema.

In a partnership between areas of the institute, the IMS Cinema prepares a wide-ranging retrospective of Jorge Bodanzky's work.


This exhibition contains nudity.
Recommended for people over 18.

Thyago Nogueira and Horrana de Kássia Santoz (assistance).
Complementary research by Ângelo Manjabosco and Mariana Baumgaertner


São Paulo, Brasil
Que país é este? A câmera de Jorge Bodanzky durante a ditadura brasileira, 1964-1985 (IMS Paulista)

IMS Paulista
March 23 to July 28, 2024


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